Happy Clients

Below are some comments from clients and students.


"GaryALL of your stuff is the best.  You have a knack for simple, digestible, and valuable tidbits.  Your presentations are gold.  You even inspired me a few weeks back with your post about getting up early.  I still hate it, but Im doing it. "
- Pete Travis, Director, The Howard Group, Inc.

Regarding The Recruiters Roundtable program Patti Said:
Gary, I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for your response to our question in the discussion forum. We implemented your advice and closed that deal the next day making a commission of $29k for that placement alone. Joining the Roundtable has been the best decision. Your tips have helped us in the first quarter so much that I have asked myself over and over again what took so long to join...best decision ever!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
- Patti Avornyoh, Managing Director, Pierce Locke & Associates

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Anna rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
This was the best explanation of how to run a desk that I have ever come across. Informative and well explained.
- Anna McAfee, Formalities Manager, Raving Fans

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Yakub rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Full of value. This 3 day seminar literally allows you to change and improve all key areas of a recruitment business. Lots of handouts, examples and new techniques.
- Yakub Zolynski, Senior Recruiter, Market Mavens

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Rick rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
This might be the best seminar I've ever taken in any field. I founded my one man shop about 10 years ago and learned my trade on the job, by asking questions, and seeking my own education. I never had a "manager" in recruiting. I loved the metrics and the mental conditioning piece of this presentation. It really confirmed some things I thought might be right, but I didn't have an authority to confirm. I'm a fitness professional by background and I thought the mental approach to recruiting, as Gary presents it, is similar to approaching a physical fitness program. Gary, let us know when you are doing some live presentations around the country. I would take an online seminar like this 2-4 times a year. Even if its a review of the basics. As a one man shop, I have "higher" highs, and "lower" lows than other businesses. This helps to keep us engaged, and reminds us what we are doing right and wrong. No matter how smart you think you are, you can veer off track as a one man shop very quickly- this seminar will get you back on track.

- Rick Reading, Principal, Richard Anthony Group, Inc.

"I have attended a number of recruiting seminars throughout the years and I can say with confidence that Gary's 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters was the most useful recruiting advice I have ever received. Gary's concepts are concise, insightful and delivered in a way that makes them easy to apply to your own desk. I have also been sharing some of Gary's habits with my team and I have already seen better time management, more planning and stronger initial client/recruiter relationships throughout the office. What I most appreciated about the tele-seminar was Gary's focus on being authentic. Being "Authentic" rang true as the big difference-making habit that was really unique to Gary's approach. For me this was a refreshing reminder to do this job with integrity and all the results will follow."
Joshua Furtado, CEO/Co-Founder, Towerhill Associates

Gary, you are truly amazing. Your Done by Noon concept is awesome and inspiring. Keep up the great work and thanks for your inspiration!
- Craig Hibbard, CEO, Zimmerman & Associates

"Gary's the real deal. He walks his talk. I've worked with him since 2002 and have greatly admired how he's been able to run a successful consulting business AND create the lifestyle of his dreams. You will learn a TON from him"!
- Eric Ryan, Principal, Manage for Good

Regarding the, “Get Job Orders Now!” seminar, Robbie rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
I loved all of it, but the Strategic Alliance section was mind blowing! How many years of opportunity have been lost by my not doing this? But "tomorrow is another day"!  I can't think of any improvements you could make to the seminar. Getting the study guide in advance, the MP3 afterward, plus the filled-in quick start guide, and then the transcript...gee, the only thing missing is the bubble bath, champagne, and peeled grapes!  
Honestly, Gary's seminars are so user friendly for both the present moment and to study and refer to afterward, I can't think of anything to improve. This is over and above what anyone else is doing.”

- Robbie Sewell, President, Saddlebrook Associates, Inc.

Regarding the, “Get Job Orders Now!” seminar, Sandy said:
Hello Gary, I wanted to provide you with some feedback regarding a strategy you had given during one of your seminars late last year.  It was to get job orders via referrals and to pay those referring individuals a share of the fee.  I used this idea and it was a tremendous success for me.  Here's how I utilized it:  I took a candidate I just placed out to lunch and shared details of our "Partnership Program".  It's a referral fee (based on the percent you recommended) for a period of 1 year on all placements made in the organizations he helps us establish a relationship with.  To my surprise, he was excited about the opportunity.  As a result, he made a strong introduction for me with a Fortune 200 company and we made a placement in literally 2 weeks from the date of our lunch appointment.  I earned $19K (fee is at 25%).  We obtained 2 more job orders and have candidates in finals with the company.         
I want to personally thank you for the idea.  Your program/website/company is a tremendous resource for recruiting business owners.  I'm proud to be a member of your Roundtable program and am indebted to you!”

- Sandy Jacob, Partner, Top Talent

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Toni said:
I was impressed with the amount of useful information you shared and the well organized format. What you presented will be put to good use right away. Some systems you covered were already in place but needed revamping and this class is the perfect spring board for me to use to present revisions to the other recruiters in my office. Thanks again! I wish you the best in all you do!
- Toni Colvin, Executive Recruiter, Colvin Resources Group

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Ardith rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
The seminar was so much more than just 15 habits; there were scripts, checklists, and self motivation techniques. And, you returning to the idea of simplicity and authenticity throughout helped to keep it all in perspective. I like the fact that you always provide us with materials in such a way that we must remain engaged in the discussion- it keeps our attention from wandering. You hit my biggest take-away in the first 15 minutes and my sense of urgency and attention was elevated! It changed the way I work -in- and -on- my business.
- Ardith Rademacher, Managing Partner, Ardith Rademacher & Associates

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Timothy rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
This seminar just became a non-negotiable training for all our new hires. I have been in the business for 20 years and was seeking a training program for new recruiters. This is a very comprehensive approach to helping those new or old in the recruiting field to be successful. These foundational techniques will be extremely useful for our company.
- Timothy Terry, President, Terry & Associates, Inc.

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Dina rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Gary actually taught us how to replicate his successes. I have attended so many webinars and read so many newsletters/books and all the trainers usually do is talk about how fabulous they are and how you should buy all their other stuff. I'm tired of that. I don't want to hear about how fabulous you are -- I want you to show me how fabulous I can be. :) I wanted meat & potatoes and Gary delivered that! And in a language I understood...very no nonsense. I also liked the fact that there were handouts that made it interactive- it forced me to stay away from my e-mail and stay focused.
- Dina Colombo, Lead Recruiter, The CPI Group

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, John rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
I enjoyed the crisp pace and Gary really seems genuine and authentic- he practices what he's preaching.
- John Zipfel, President, Debbon Recruiting Group, Inc.

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Sandi said:
I found everything very helpful. I loved the "mood, attitude, confidence" piece of recruiting and how you addressed them. I have been overwhelmed with all there is to being a recruiter- you simplified the process for me.
- Sandi Boruff, Executive Recruiter, Mallard Search

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Kelsey rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
The 15 Habits were very information packed, yet simple and achievable- this makes the training even more powerful. I appreciated the use of real data, Gary's life stories, and other recruiters' stories to reinforce the importance of the habits. Thanks so much for sharing so many websites to utilize in building these habits as well. Overall, the experience was excellent and I feel it will drive better results in my own performance.
- Kelsey Lawhead, Search Consultant, TDM & Associates

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Jeremy rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Being in the business for 7 years now, sessions like this are a valuable for getting your processes and systems back on track- I will be utilizing the search process checklist. Also, you speak with empathy and relate to billers that might be struggling in a "been there" demeanor, which gives them more motivation to put these habits and processes in place. Additionally, having gone to other trainers seminars and hearing dozens of other recruiting training audios, I can say that you cut out the fat and provide more actual insight -and a course of action- than the others do, which is why we are repeat customers.
- Jeremy Peterman, Vice President, JR Peterman Associates

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Lee rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Gary is an excellent presenter with the right combination of relevant information, enthusiasm, and the ability to keep the seminar moving along. I am not much of "process" person and this provided a great outline, and very specific definitions, of much needed processes.
- Lee Waldron, President, Start Recruiting, Inc.

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Rob rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
It was very good; clear, concise, valuable and actionable information. I like the content delivery approach too- it kept me on track with the lectures.
- Rob Lyon, Senior Recruiter

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Jerry rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Very relevant and action-oriented strategies, even for an experienced recruiter like myself!
- Jerry Wood, Director, Beaumont Wood

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Jennifer rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Gary provided lots of great strategies and specific examples regarding how to create efficiencies in my business, what the pitfalls are, and how to avoid them.
- Jennifer Light, President, Links Staffing

Regarding the, “Get Job Orders Now!” seminar, Cindy rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Your depth of knowledge was refreshing. Even though I have nearly 18 years of recruiting industry experience, I felt that this was VERY informative. I liked that it was VERY specific to the recruiting industry. You left me wanting more information. Many of the seminars we go to address sales and marketing in generalities. Yours was SO informative, down to a complete script of what-to-say-and-when-to-say-it!
- Cindy Biter, Managing Partner, Southwest Professional Recruiting

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Brenda rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Excellent content presented in a very clear, organized fashion. Using these strategies will greatly aid me in my pursuit of gaining new clients. I wouldn't change a thing with this seminar!
- Brenda Evers, President, JES Search

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Diane rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Gary is very specific and gives direct answers- not generalizations. Better speaker than most I have listened to in this industry. I really enjoy his ability to boil it down.
- Diane Gaines, Senior Recruiter, Advanced Personnel

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Will said:
Garys seminars just continue to get better. The information is always helpful and you will see improvements at the desk level; which is where it all starts!
- Will Hayes, Branch Manager, Internal Data Resources

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Alan rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
As a veteran of the recruiting business for 20+ years, which includes training recruiters for a National franchisor, I have always looked for ways to gain a competitive advantage. I will certainly work some of these ideas and methods into my marketing program. Many 1 hour training sessions are variations of Recruiting 101 or sometimes 201. This was Recruiting 401 or 501. Gary, thank you and please keep offering advanced training sessions.
- Alan Eras, Principal, AJE Search Associates LLC

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Steve said:
The content was very worthwhile. You provided scripts for various situations that were different than those I've been using. I particularly liked the low key approach to cold calling, which I intend to adopt.
- Steve Hurt, Managing Director, SAI

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Josh rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
There are usually a couple of things that I dont like about a seminar, but I was very impressed with this one. Gary was clear and concise on his points and had great information to pass along.
- Josh Sauter, President, Staffing First

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Pete said:
The seminar contained solid scripts and examples that have real world application and require very little preparation. Our staff should have no excuse for not trying these scripts right away.
- Pete Van Gessel, Director of Commercial Accounts, TPS

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Michelle rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
The information was extremely valuable. This was a fantastic course and I was able to get additional sales techniques for this ever changing industry.
- Michelle Poage, President, Design Staffing, LLC

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Marie rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
The examples given were great for building relationships with clients, rather than trying to sell them. Everything was outlined, clear and to the point. You definitely showed us ways to stand out and differentiate ourselves from the majority of recruiting firms.
- Marie Khoury, CEO , Linked Professional Services

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Pamela rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
I really like the scripts and the strategy for motivating others to act as your sales force. I appreciated the outline which made it easy to stay engaged with such rich content.
- Pamela Glowski, Vice President, Champion Personnel

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Wendy rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
I really enjoyed Gary sharing his expertise on how to generate new and on-going business. The scripts presented fit very well with the concepts presented. I also really appreciated the examples given as each point was presented. This seminar is great for both new recruiter and seasoned veterans!"
-Wendy Lauth, Recruiter, Oracle Options

Regarding the, Get Job Orders Now! seminar, Jennifer rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Gary is very detail oriented and provides specific solutions for problems and issues. He conveys his thoughts in a very constructive manner and is an excellent communicator.
- Jennifer Adams, President, Adante Staffing

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Kenny rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Very good content and the handouts were very useful. This course should have an immediate impact on my bottom line.
- Kenny Frey, Principal, The Frey Consulting Group

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Brenda rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Ive been an owner and recruiter for a lot of years and have attended many training sessions so some of the information in this seminar Ive heard before- but you applied it differently. I have found that I can slip into unintended habits if I don't continue to touch base with the "basics" and this seminar did a very good job of that. I got a lot out of the 3 sessions.
- Brenda Skelton, President, Cumberland Professional Search

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Diana rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
I found the material to be useful and the presentation to be very engaging. I was impressed!
- Diana Huang, Recruiting Team Manager, PROSUM Technology Services

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Brad said:
Being a recruiter for 15 years, you were exactly right when you said that seasoned recruiters often start to cut corners and dont have the necessary checklists and forms in place to cover the search process thoroughly. What I liked about the seminar was that you provided a systematic approach for succeeding in the business.
- Brad Krommendyk, President, Great Plains Consulting, Inc.

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Steve rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
You provided strong material for both new and veteran recruiters.
- Steve LePatner. Managing Director, Howard Lee and Associates

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Marty rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Excellent presenter. He provided a good level of detail and specific metrics for measuring time and tasks.
Marty Smith, General Manager, Worldleaders

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Jessica rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
The outline and format is very effective. I liked that you provided clear, concise, executable advice.
- Jessica Mayerson, Principal, The Winford Group Principal

Hello Gary, I really enjoyed your 15 critical habits seminar. I have listened to it twice and I am currently underlining the transcript with a red pen to review and implement. There is so much detail that you covered that answered a number of questions that are key to me taking a step up in my production, so thank you very much. I was trained in a short period in a previous company here in the UK. But there were so many inconsistencies in the level of training, their interpretation of what was important, and what they chose to ignore. I have used other trainers in the past and I must compliment you on The 15 critical habits class as it was the most informative and most relevant that I've ever heard - a job well done Gary so congratulations to you. Kind regards from the UK.
- Steve Hunt, Director, Fenton Global

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Kim rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Thank you, Thank you, Thank youuuuuuu! This is just the shot in the arm that I needed to get back on track. I indeed learned something in each and every habit category, and was diligently writing notes the whole time. I look forward to learning more from you. The story analogies were great, and your delivery was excellent. I loved it! I am grateful and appreciative to have met your acquaintance, and I look forward to more contact in the future!
- Kim Bessette, Talent Acquisition Specialist, The Emac Group

Stellar job Gary! The 15 Habits seminar is a bottled recipe for success! It allowed us to learn new ideas that we can IMMEDIATELY incorporate into our daily and weekly routines to achieve better results. I bought the 15 Habits CD a few years ago but the 3-day tele-seminar is much, much better due to the level of details and coaching tips you provided that weren't in the original 15 Habits. Great work!!!
- Rodney Apple, President, SCM Talent Group, LLC

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar Courtney said:
The seminar left me feeling inspired. Many of the habits that Gary focused on were values based. Beyond tactics and scripts, he focused on raising expectations and standards. Our historic industry model is very transaction oriented which breeds low standards and behaviors. It was refreshing hear someone suggest an elevation of the industry model.

- Courtney Homer, CEO, Career Encore

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar Leonard said:
I liked the conversational format of the seminar. I felt like Gary and I were talking over a couple of cups of coffee about the universal traits of very successful recruiters he had observed. Gary has just the right balance of polish and personality.

- Leonard Baker, Senior Technical Recruiter, Go Pro

Gary's approach is very relatable. The 15 Habits seminar was extremely well-organized, thought-out, and the focus never got off topic. Gary was very well-prepared, which shows he really cares about his work and reputation and respects others. Additionally, I think what was particularly helpful was all the relatable examples Gary provided with each scenario (i.e. sports analogies, etc.). Love the handouts too.
- Jennifer Adams, President, Adante Staffing

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Helen rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
You gave the 10,000 foot view all the way down to the psychological strategy of dealing with the devil within! Very codifying and clear information!
- Helen Faber, Managing Director, Core Net Associates

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Tony rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Gary did an excellent job of relating the material in real terms. In recruiting its important that we communicate on a genuine level and not sound scripted. I feel Gary gets it when it comes to this principle. I tend to run around like the proverbial chicken so the best part for me was the tangible examples Gary provided to help us remove all of the chaos and to create organization through planning and structure.
- Tony Lucarell, Firm Owner, OSI Staffing Services

Regarding the, 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar, Rich rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
I got something out of every segment that will increase my billings. But the focus on automation really helped crystallize my need to take unnecessary tasks off my desk and hand them over to somebody else. I have always tried to do everything myself. I realized I need to find somebody to handle the chores that keep me off the phone! And that will reduce my stress level and increase my production exponentially.
- Rich Eidman, President, Seymour & Associates Inc.

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar, Will rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Gary did a great job of breaking down very complex systems all recruiters should have place in a very fundamental and simple format. The time management and best practices around scheduling a recruiters day to enhance performance were very well put together. I manage a team of 4 full time recruiters and 2 full time Account Managers and I will for sure be implementing these systems into my teams' desks.
- Will Hayes, Branch Manager, Internal Data Resources

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar, Lisa rated it a 10 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
It's hard for me to say what I liked best as I really liked the whole thing. I think the best thing is that you opened my eyes to the fact that I dont have to work as if my hair is on fire. You have a holistic approach which I appreciate. I really enjoy helping people and your idea of "getting to the truth" is great. I like how you emphasize "single-tasking." Every boss I ever had required me to run around like a lunatic. Now that I work for myself, I want to be both productive and sane.
- Lisa Chubinsky, Principal, Staff Providers LLC

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar, Alexey rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Great content, no marketing, tons of fresh ideas.
- Alexey Dolgikh, Manager Ukraine, Pedersen & Partners Executive Search

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar Kingsley said:
This challenged me to set my sights higher and to look at my work practices. I waste a lot of time in Minutia. Better planning is what I need so got a lot out of the sessions.
- Kingsley House, Firm Owner, Lighthouse Recruitment

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar, Ralf rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
Well structured, topics developed in logical order, perfect timing to prepare for the new year and good value for money. Well done!
- Ralf Roehrle, Managing Partner, Antal International Buero Nuernberg, Germany

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar Mike said:
What I liked best were the practical insights for beginners to the industry as well as helpful strategies for veterans. I found your communication style to be warm, engaging, informative, practical and creative. Thank you.
- Mike Harris, Senior Executive Recruiter, Woodmoor Group Inc.

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar Jim said:
You have a good presentation style and you were able to present your material very effectively. Good stuff that is usable by rookie and old recruiters alike.
- Jim Crigler, Senior Partner, Winona Search Group

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar Mike said:
Great presentation! I liked the lively pace and took something away from each "habit" presentation. I liked the absence of situational things requiring a lot of canned scripts. I was very pleased with all the content.
- Mike Kaczmar, Firm Owner, Kaczmar & Associates

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar Jeannine said:
Outside of the content, I really liked the 'air' or attitude that Gary presented with. He definitely conveys a quiet confidence that grabbed my attention. Also, I really like the idea that your inner dialogue is a huge part of the results you get so I was happy to have that covered.
- Jeannine O'Connor, Principal, Bio Fusion Staffing

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar, Karen rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
It's clear that Gary has walked the walk hes completely in touch with the obstacles and challenges that recruiters face on a daily basis. He provides solid tools that can be implemented easily. The seminar was presented clearly; it helped define what I am doing right, and what needs work. I like the concepts he presented for helping you keep your head screwed on and not getting overwhelmed.
- Karen Wood, Managing Partner, Sierra Management Solutions

Regarding the, “15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters” seminar, Connie rated it a 9 (out of 10) on an online survey and said:
As an experienced recruiter, the material was exactly what I needed to hear at the time. I'm very glad that I have the transcript and the recordings to refer back to from time to time. The time and money spent were well worth it. I look forward to more seminars from Gary in the future.
- Connie Dorigan, President, Dorigan & Associates

Your 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters seminar was really exceptional. I have listened to a lot of your presentations and as usual, you don't BS. I think trainers are often focused on big billers, which is fine, but I generally find it a bit intimidating and depressing because I am not there yet. Here you give a roadmap for how to get there that is both detailed and comprehensible. This may be the best training I've ever heard (and Ive heard many). Your insistence on honesty, structure and good habit formation resonates with me. You are passionate but not effusive. I want to thank you for such a wonderful and inspirational Christmas present Gary!
- Michael Sullivan, Firm Owner, Advancement Alternatives

Gary, by your definition I am a top level producer/ big biller. I worked for other firms for 25 years and have been a solo recruiter for 7 years. About a year ago I attended a recruiting summit and was struck by your presentation. Since then I have attended several of your webinars. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU GARY!!! I have literally doubled my revenue this year from implementing the things you teach in your webinars. For example the first was the Researcher seminar. I really cant say enough good things about the work that you do. Every time I attend a seminar it gets my adrenaline pumping, recharges my enthusiasm, inspiration and passion for what I do. And you always give me areas to improve, refreshers on what works and exciting new ideas. I am sold and will be joining your roundtable.
- Pam Barker, President, RELIA Solutions

Gary, Thank youthank youthank you! After a few years of asking everyone, youre the only person to ever provide clear data on an individual recruiters performance standards. I really appreciate it and YES you definitely answered my questions! I thoroughly enjoyed the 15 Habits seminar and the level of detail you provided over the last 3 days and as a result, I intend to immediately implement your recommended processes. Hopefully, Ill have the opportunity to participate in another Recruiting Lab seminar in the near future. Thanks again!
- Wayne Rigney, Managing Partner, Talent Mindset Resources LLC

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been in recruiting for 15 years and had my own firm for 4 years. I have seen and heard many trainers and you are by far the absolute best in this industry (content and presentation style). You are the business coach I have been looking for!
- Saundra Lee, Firm Owner, Dubin & Lee

Gary, The 15 Habits of Highly Effective Recruiters was an excellent presentation. The best I have ever heard. I was able to hear most of the presentation live and I have to say things clicked especially in regards to the marketing and daily schedule sections. I wish I had heard this seminar (or something similar) last year. It would have made the difference in how the year has gone.
- Robert Barnier, Director of Operations & Marketing, Franklin Joseph & Associates

Gary, after I got off of the, 15 Habits seminar on Tues, I took your advice and sent one of my managers an email telling him I needed more timely feedback. He sent me an email back THANKING me for sending him an in your face email. His response and attitude towards me has completely shifted by taking that risk, pushing back on him, and reminding him that my time is valuable. He responded immediately, thanking me for helping him keep his priorities straight. Just wanted to give you that testimonial of taking something from the webinar and putting it into practice with immediate results. I immediately got 3 phone interviews for those candidates!
- Lori Stephens, Executive Search Consultant, Bishop Executive Services

I just completed the 15 habits seminar. I have been in the recruiting business in since 1993. I have had my own firm since 2000 and I have billed between the mid six and seven figures since then. I really enjoyed your seminar and it sparked some real thought in how I run my desk and how to build my firm. I think that your common sense approach to the business is how I have approached it my entire career. I found that you offered many great ideas that I will take away, and utilize in my business daily. Thank you.
- John Manzella, Managing Director, Providence Search Group, LLC

The 15 Habits seminar was a tremendous value of time! Thank you Gary!
- Robert Applequist, Executive Recruiter, Roy Talman & Associates

Hey Gary, I thoroughly enjoyed your 15 Habits presentation over the past 3 days. I actually woke up Tuesday looking forward to the second day of training. Loved it! Thank you!!!
- Kim Bessette, The EMAC Group, LLC.

Thanks Gary, the 3 day 15 Habits seminar was excellent. I downloaded and re-listened yesterday. Great advice, and I have been at this for 25 years. I will have a great year this year and your advice will be part of it. Thanks again.
- John Cronin, Senior Recruiter

As a result of Garys training, my revenue has improved by 57%, my business has expanded and Im growing my team to meet the demand. I cant imagine my recruiting business without Garys insights and training. I now clearly understand the strategies for producing great results year after year.
- Donna Fedor, Recruiting Firm Owner

"By working with Gary, Ive impacted all facets of my business. My call volume increased by 1,800 calls out over the prior year and with that came an additional 500 connects. More importantly, is the financial and personal success. Gary has been an instrumental part of helping me to form my client development plan, business vision and personal goals. During this coaching process, the difference has truly been Gary the person. He has the ability to cut to the core of your business, coach with motivation and make you laugh. My heartfelt thanks to Gary!"
- Tricia Scalzo, Recruiting Firm Owner

"My billings jumped to 550K in the last 12 months! I participated in your programs and they were all pertinent. Your systems approach to doing the business is unique from everything I have seen. I found your coaching sessions on managing and compensating staff very helpful. I also appreciated your approach to work/life balance and the fact that you dont let money and success in the business 'own' you."
- Robert Ambs, Recruiting Firm Owner

"Thank you for an outstanding presentation (Get Job Orders Now!). I have been in the search business for 25 years and really like your inspiring ideas. My son Toby has joined me and we will be incorporating these excellent ideas."
- Dick Williams, Recruiting Firm Owner

"Hi Gary! Your information on the Researcher class I just took was specific and was full of 'content'. I appreciated your hand-outs immensely! I hired two part-time Research Assistants a few months back, and I wish I had your training prior to hiring these two!! Also, you come across like a natural as a teacher. When you stayed on to answer the questions at the end, that proved to me that you truly wanted to meet each individual's needs, even if it took a little longer. Thank you!!"
- Lea Timmons, CAC, CSP

"I had been researching recruiter-specific training for several months. After seeing Gary's proactive contributions to several forums and doing my own research with top billers, I decided to join Garys Recruiters Roundtable and to hire him for a one to one session. Gary is a fantastic communicator and has the ability to quickly analyze your current situation, develop a strategic plan to get you to your goal and help deploy the actions to get you to the next step. I can't recommend him strongly enough and will be using him as a business guide, mentor and sounding board to develop my production and grow my business. After a one hour session, my planning became a great deal clearer and I generated 7 A grade job orders and arranged 4 interviews!!!"
- Darren Pedley, Recruiting Firm Owner

"The half hour session I had with Gary was the most transformative coaching session I've ever have had by far. Gary's ability to reflect, focus, distill and present advice in a few words led to a major shift that helped pull me out of the worst slump of my 30 plus year recruiting career. I also thought his laser recruiting was very enlightening and zen-like. As my meditation teacher pointed out, 'Awakening occurs in the space where conduct, compassion and realization coalesce'- and in the recruiting space, Gary embodies that vision."
- Mike Sullivan, Search Firm Owner

Gary has an amazing store of personal knowledge and experience, and yet delivers it without ever leaving you feeling inferior. He identifies issues quickly and helps you discover practical, repeatable ways to excel. I highly recommend Gary to any recruiter or business owner who wants significantly improved results without having to give up their personal life.
- Larry F. Austin, Search Firm Owner

Since 2005 I have attended online training sessions that Gary has held. His approach to recruiting centers on value creation. This includes the value that the recruiter can bring to the clients and candidates with whom they speak. Equally important is the value that the 'recruiting lifestyle' can bring to the quality of life of the recruiter. His information ranges from nuts and bolts recruiting practices to strategic planning for the owner of the firm. I find it all insightful and applicable. I recommend his training sessions highly
- Dan Simmons, Recruiting Industry Trainer/ Firm Owner

Gary is an excellent mentor and business coach. He has a very genuine care about this field and an approach that constantly keeps you thinking about the next stage in your business. I recommend that anyone looking for excellent coaching from someone who cares to work with Gary.
- Michael Peterson, Recruiting Firm Owner

Gary Stauble is a highly respected GURU to the executive search industry. His monthly seminars are informative and very helpful to new and very experienced recruiters. The topics he chooses for both his seminars and his recruiter roundtables are well researched and insightful. Garys guest speakers are always at the top of their game and very inspirational. I highly recommend other search professionals to join our great group at The Recruiting Lab.
- Rena Moosa, Recruiting Firm Owner

Gary helped me help myself by working with me to identify the weakness in my system and giving me the tools to correct and maintain a more efficient office environment. Our billing has been higher than ever since Gary introduced his "system" methods to me. We continue to work with Gary and participate in the Recruiting Lab.
- Tom Cleary, Recruiting Firm Owner

Gary is a very gifted person from all that I seen over the past years of watching his practice grow. He has taken initiatives that most will not venture into as well as brings an intelligence that has developed into giving what he knows back to people like myself. Thank you Gary and keep it up for a long time to come.
- Hart Davidow, Executive Coach/ Trainer

As owner/manager of Spider IT I have, for over a year now, been receiving Garys newsletters which Ive found to be informative and very relevant. I subscribed to one of Garys teleconference meetings it was inspirational! I regularly re-listen to the CD of that meeting for motivation. I would thoroughly recommend Gary Stauble to anyone who is running a recruitment business.
- Adam Sztuka, Recruiting Firm Owner

Before working with Gary I had worked, with some degree of success, with a generic business coach. I found that having a coach / mentor like Gary, who is an expert in the recruiting industry, to be exponentially more productive. The resources he shares alone are almost worth the investment, especially for a small operator. Despite the sluggish economy, a severe personal injury, and the death of a parent, I still produced the highest revenue of my 18 year career through the training and encouragement of Garys coaching program.
- Elizabeth Creger, Recruiting Business Owner

I found exactly what I was looking for when I started using Garys services. During the past 3 years, since I started my business, I had often wished that I had someone with whom I could ask questions or test ideas; someone whose experience would speed up my learning curve. Gary has been just that, and more. I would encourage anyone that is considering whether a professional coach is worthwhile to take advantage of Garys complimentary session. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or just starting out, you will take some kernel away from each conversation that will improve your business performance.
- Alan Carty, Search Firm Owner

I must rate Gary a 9 out of 10 from my experience. The fact that I have been exposed to new ideas, processes and views in the recruiting world. For me it has been a positive experience to honestly evaluate my skills and approach to my business. Have evaluated my process and made adjustments, the results I am sure will be positive as I implement changes and hold myself more accountable.
- Lenny Wachowiak, Search Firm Owner

I wanted to send you a note to thank you for all of your help over the last year and a half. Your service has been a real value to me and I look forward to a long standing relationship with you and your company. It is extremely comforting knowing that I have someone as knowledgeable as you in my corner. Now, with The Coaching Gym, I can contact you with my current issues each week and receive a prompt response. Although Ive put in a tremendous amount of work along the way, having you on my team enables me to not worry about the many issues that arise in this business. Additionally, Ive really appreciated your professionalism and the way you strive for a work/life balance in this business.
- Adam Slone, Recruiting Firm Owner

I received great training, support, and reinforcement while working with Gary. The program opened my mind to other approaches to this business and helped me make some much needed shifts. I really enjoyed sharing ideas and having someone to be accountable to and this put me back on track. I absolutely got my moneys worth from the coaching process. Lots of new ideas, training, approaches, focus, getting a grip. Can you put a price on that?
- Maureen Boehm, Recruiting Firm Owner

Working with Gary clarified for me what I needed to be focused on as a business owner. His techniques and tips really were right-on-target and saved me time trying to re-invent my own methods. Most of all, Garys advice was invaluable as his background in recruiting qualifies him truly as the recruiters coach. He knows the market, the process and the pitfalls so he could quickly point you in the right direction. I highly recommend Gary to any recruiter wanting to increase their productivity and satisfaction.
- Cindy Houston Hazen, Recruiting Business Owner

I benefited from the training and accountability and probably a bit of moral support from someone who understands the priorities and pressures involved in owning a small recruiting business. I was stirred to maintain and improve my sales figures. Also, the invisible support that comes from receiving a yes, its OK to do this or why not try that? was very helpful.
- Peter Judd, Recruiting Business Owner

Gary brings together recruiters who are interested in solving their business challenges, and provides the group specific industry knowledge in a format which inspires valuable exchange on real business issues. Thanks again!
- Julie Hodson, Search Firm Owner

The sessions helped greatly, and they moved me far ahead from where I was. Thanks for all your help.- Gary Turnbull, Search Firm Owner

My path has crossed some of Garys clients in the past and ALL speak VERY highly of him Ive also seen his newsletter and articles he writes on other sites or mentioned in other publications. Gary gives some FANTASTIC Advice.
- Daniel Parrillo, Search Firm Owner

GaryI have now accumulated so much valuable information from you, that I have affectionately termed the information you give me as Stauble Stuff. Keep the Stauble Stuff coming!
- Melinda Pittman Streit, Search Firm Owner

Thanks again so much for your help! Your insight and understanding into the challenges that we face on a daily basis has been invaluable over the past several months. I really appreciate your approach to coaching and helping me to stay accountable to the goals that I set. You have also been a tremendous resource to helping me to get my business to the next level. I specifically appreciate your guidance in laying out the specific steps to take. I have always found that your approach has been to give and add value much more than you receive and I really appreciate that. This is a great example for me to follow in my own recruiting practice.
- John Radebaugh, Search Firm Owner

Its been 36 days since our initial conversation and Im amazed at what has occurred in my practice in that period of time. How do I account for my good fortune? I choose to call it the Gary Effect (good karma, fast). Thanks!
- Art Volkman, Search Firm Owner

Garys ability to coach and give direction is incredibly professional, methodical, and sensible. Much of my success in recruiting is directly attributed to my learning and coaching from Gary.
- Brad Selvin, Manager of Recruiting

Gary, your support and insight helped me to grow tremendously. Working with you helped me to learn new skills and refine my existing ones. I was able to progress both personally and professionally from having worked with you. Id rate you a 10 out of 10!
- Deborah Riplinger, Executive Recruiter

Gary had a comprehensive understanding of the context of our needs including the intangibles. I enjoyed the discussion of wheat only, and not chaff. Id rate Gary a 9 out of 10 (I believe 10s are practically unachievable): Quick results, constant communication, good feedback, and candid assessments.
- Richard Jones, Executive Director

Strong analytical skills, tenacity, a great sense of humor, ability to make things happen and a down to earth quality, enable Gary to be a wonderful teacher. His exceptional creativity and intuition gives him an excellent sense about people. He is be able to inspire and assist any person in determining a direction and then obtaining their goal.
- Jacchi De Rose, Executive Recruiter

Gary took the time to learn about my company and my management style. He is highly effective and efficient. The communication and responsiveness are great. Im sure Gary will continue to be very successful.
- Liz Bachman-Grechi, Director

Garys help developing a profile, his willingness to work with people for whom decisions are not easily made, his patience, and ability to match our needs. Outstanding all the way around.
- Deborah Johnson, National Director

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