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The Recruiting Lab Helps Recruiting Firms Reach Their Full Potential

Join the elite top 10% of the industry and unlock the secrets to operating a high-performing, low-stress recruiting business. With our specialized resources and expert guidance, you’ll learn how to maximize your placements efficiently and effectively.

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Create Predictable Recruiting Revenue with this Ultimate System Top Recruiters Follow

Discover the simple system top performers use to boost output, make their day hyper-productive, and get more done in a day than most recruiting firms do in a week.

In this FREE webinar, you will learn:

A simple morning routine that guarantees to boost your output even if you’re not a morning person.

How to implement the “marketing metronome” so that you have a steady flow of scheduled interviews.

A daily technique that guarantees you’ll get more done in less time. If you’ve ever wondered “how do some firms accomplish so much?” this is the answer. The best part? It frees up hours each week.

If you’re behind on your to-do list and chronically feel like you can’t catch up, don’t miss this FREE workshop. It’s never too late to gain back control over your time. It all starts with having a predictable morning…

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Join The Recruiters Roundtable

This membership is crafted for recruiting firm owners, providing essential resources, insights, and strategies to drive your firm’s growth and success.

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This membership offers

Instant Access: Dive into a rich members' area filled with audio and video guides and other essential tools.

Live Webinars: Two live webinars each month, bringing fresh perspectives and actionable advice.

Expert Interviews: Access monthly audio interviews with industry leaders for exclusive insights.

Community Support: Join a network of like-minded professionals, all driven towards mutual success.

Continual Growth: Stay on the cutting edge with ongoing resources and strategies to evolve your business at your own pace.

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The entire members area is available on your phone. Access business building strategies while commuting, waiting in line or riding your bike.

Grab Your Free Copy: Stabilize Your Recruiting Business

How to Eliminate Rollercoaster Revenue: 7 Proven Strategies for Recruiting Firms

This comprehensive guide provides you with seven proven steps to stabilize your income and optimize your business operations.

Define Your End Game: Set clear, achievable goals to shape a focused and directed business path.

Daily Discipline: Implement routine tasks that maintain progress and prevent operational stalls.

Marketing Metronome: Create a steady flow of marketing activities to keep your client pipeline full.

Quantitative Mastery: Track key performance indicators to gauge success and drive motivation.

Build an Elite Team: Assemble a high-performing team to elevate your firm’s overall capability.

Financial Defense: Implement strategies to protect and manage your financial resources wisely.

Reality Dedication: Commit to a realistic and truthful assessment of your business practices and market conditions

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Success Stories From Our Clients

We featured Gary at GRN’s Global Workshop. Any time you hire a speaker, you never know what you’re going to get until the curtain opens.
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Jolie Wilson

VP of Business Development, Global Recruiters Network

Gary, we implemented your advice and closed that deal the next day making a commission of $29k for that placement alone. Joining the Roundtable has been the best decision. Your strategies have helped us in the first quarter so much that I have asked myself over and over again what took so long to decisionever!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
headshot of the review provider

Patti Avornyoh

Managing Director, Pierce Locke...

headshot of the review provider

Robert Ambs

CEO, Ambs Chemical Search

My billings jumped significantly! I participated in your programs and they were all pertinent. Your "systems" approach to the business is unique from everything I have seen. I found your coaching sessions on managing and compensating staff very helpful. I also appreciate your approach to work/life balance and the fact that you don’t let money and success in the
Under Gary’s tutelage, I achieved a milestone of $1 million in sales for the first time ever. Gary played a crucial role in reigniting my passion and guiding me back on track, for which I am eternally grateful. Gary, you are an extraordinary man and an exceptional trainer. I extend my deepest thanks for all that you are.
headshot of the review provider

Nancy Scheaffer

President, The Charis Group

headshot of the review provider

Robbie Sewell

President, Saddlebrook Associates, Inc.

Gary, I remember when I first signed on with you in 2008 and here we are all these years later and the “Recruiters Roundtable” is still one of the
Gary, I remember when I first signed on with you in 2008 and here we are all these years later and the “Recruiters Roundtable” is still one of the
Image of a lady

Pam Barker

CEO, RELIA Solutions LLC

The resources Gary shares alone are almost worth the investment, especially for a small operator. Despite the sluggish economy, a severe personal injury, and the death of a parent,
Image of a lady

Elizabeth Creger

CEO, Asset Resource Group

This seminar just became a non-negotiable training for all our new hires. I have been in the business for 20 years and was seeking a training
Image of a guy

Timothy Terry

President, Terry & Associates...

Hello Gary, I wanted to provide you with some feedback regarding a strategy you had given during one of your seminars late last year. As a result…we made a placement in literally 2 weeks and we obtained 2 more job orders and have candidates in finals. I want to personally thank you…your program is a tremendous resource for recruiting business owners. I’m proud to be a member of your Roundtable program and am indebted to you!
headshot of the review provider

Sandy Jacob

Partner, Top Talent

This was the best explanation of how to run a desk that I have ever come across. Informative and well explained
headshot of the review provider

Anna McAfee

Formalities Manager, Raving Fans

Gary actually taught us how to replicate his successes. I have attended so many webinars and read so many newsletters/books and all the trainers usually do is talk about how fabulous they are and how you should buy all their other stuff. I'm tired of that. I don't want to hear about how fabulous you are -- I want you to show me how fabulous I can be. :) I wanted meat & potatoes and Gary delivered that! And in a language I understood...very no nonsense. I also liked the fact that there were handouts that made it interactive- it forced me to stay away from my e-mail and stay focused.
headshot of the review provider

Dina Colombo

Lead Recruiter, The CPI Group

By working with Gary, I’ve impacted all facets of my business. My call volume increased by 1,800 calls out over the prior year and with that came an additional 500 connects. More importantly, is the financial and personal success. Gary has been an instrumental part of helping me to form my client development plan, business vision and personal goals. During this coaching process, the difference has truly been Gary the person. He has the ability to cut to the core of your business, coach with motivation and make you laugh. My heartfelt thanks to Gary!
headshot of the review provider

Tricia Scalzo

Recruiting Firm Owner

As a veteran of the recruiting business for 20+ years, which includes training recruiters for a National franchisor, I have always looked for ways to gain a competitive advantage. I will certainly work some of these ideas and methods into my marketing program. Many 1 hour training sessions are variations of “Recruiting 101” or sometimes 201. This was “Recruiting 401” or 501. Gary, thank you and please keep offering advanced training sessions.
headshot of the review provider

Alan Eras

Principal, AJE Search Associates LLC

Gary, after I got off of the, “15 Habits” seminar on Tues, I took your advice and sent one of my managers an email telling him I needed more timely feedback. He sent me an email back THANKING me for sending him an “in your face email”. His response and attitude towards me has completely shifted by taking that risk, pushing back on him, and reminding him that my time is valuable.He responded immediately, thanking me for helping him keep his priorities straight. Just wanted to give you that testimonial of taking something from the webinar and putting it into practice with immediate results. I immediately got 3 phone interviews for those candidates
headshot of the review provider

Lori Stephens

Executive Search Consultant, Bishop Executive Services

Private Coaching

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Do you find yourself staring at the ceiling at 3 am, anxious about next month's placements? Are you frustrated with "feast or famine" production cycles?

In this “test-drive” of my popular coaching program, you'll discover a game plan to overcome roadblocks and crush your goals.

Availability is limited to ensure personalized attention, so if you're ready to elevate your firm, apply below.

Meet Your Coach: Gary Stauble

Hello, I'm Gary Stauble, founder of The Recruiting Lab and a Peak Performance Strategist. I’ve mentored over 400 executive search firms and trained thousands more through seminars and programs. With nearly 30 years of experience, I have excelled as a retained headhunter, manager, firm owner with a small team, industry trainer, and business strategist.

Certified by the Flow Research Collective, I bring expertise in the science of peak performance to my training. I publish the bi-monthly newsletter "2-Minute Recruiting", reaching 25,000 recruiting firm owners. 

Outside of work, I’m an adventure motorcyclist, mixed martial artist, travel junkie, husband, and father of two boys. These passions fuel my creativity and provide a unique perspective to my consulting.

If you seek to stabilize revenue, boost client engagement, or build a sustainable business model, you're in the right place to elevate your recruiting firm.

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