If you’re a firm owner, whether you’re running a large office or a solo desk, chances are you’re struggling to get your recruiters (or maybe yourself) to bill in the $400K+ range.

If not congratulations, but if so, please read on.

Here’s the thing…if you or your recruiters are being commoditized by your clients, are working with hiring managers who don’t want it as much as you do, and as a result are simply chasing deals (rather than executing a reliable process)… then you’re likely losing tens of thousands of dollars in revenue every month.

But imagine what your life would look and feel like if you and your recruiters, were treated like vital and trusted partners by your clients, and were each billing $400K+.

If this sounds good to you, then this thoroughly researched, field-tested and proven program can help you get there.


👍 “Gary, this was an excellent presentation. The best I have ever heard! I was able to hear most of the presentation live and I have to say things clicked especially in regards to the marketing and daily schedule portions. I wish I had heard this seminar (or something similar) last year. It would have made the difference in how the year has gone.”
– Robert Barnier, Director of Operations & Marketing, Franklin Joseph & Associates

👍 “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been in recruiting for 15 years and had my own firm for 4 years. I have seen and heard many trainers and you are by far the absolute best in this industry (content and presentation style). You are the business coach I have been looking for!”
– Saundra Lee, Firm Owner, Dubin & Lee

👍 “Gary, after I got off the seminar on Tues, I took your advice and sent one of my managers an email telling him I needed more timely feedback. He sent me an email back THANKING me for sending him an “in your face email”.
His response and attitude towards me has completely shifted by taking that risk, pushing back on him, and reminding him that my time is valuable. He responded immediately, thanking me for helping him keep his priorities straight.
Just wanted to give you this testimonial of taking something from the webinar and putting it into practice with immediate results. I immediately got 3 interviews for those candidates!”

– Lori Stephens, Executive Search Consultant, Bishop Executive Services


I’ve spent the past 26 years simplifying and perfecting the art and science of generating placements.
I’ve been a top producing owner for most of those 23 years and I’ve helped thousands of other people just like you to boost their production.

Recruiting is an extraordinary profession to be in when you understand the secrets that produce results. But I can remember a time when I felt extremely frustrated because I couldn’t seem to produce consistently.

I’d have a strong month or two, build up some confidence and momentum, but then belly flop the following month and have zero placements.

I can remember driving up the hill every morning to my office in Southern California back in 1994 with a low-grade feeling of dread. I was stressed. I was eager to succeed but didn’t feel that I had a repeatable system that I could rely upon.

The peaks and valleys in my production were taking their toll on my nerves, and my self confidence.


Finally I got smart. I decided to harvest the collective wisdom of the top producers that I worked with, add to that my personal experience, and start to document and build my own template for generating placements.

I listened to every audio and video program I could find and attended dozens and dozens of seminars. I started experimenting with new methods and began seeing immediate results in my production.

By applying what I learned, I went from being a “slightly above average” performer in my first year, to more than doubling my production in a fairly short amount of time.

The more I experienced success, the more excited I became. After listening to the top trainers, speaking with dozens of big billers and learning from my own failures, I finally “bottled” my system for consistent production.

Eventually I began teaching and coaching others on how they could become top producers and I put the best strategies into 15 repeatable habits that anyone could learn and implement.

More recently I’ve personally interviewed over 30 recruiters who are billing in the $500K+ range and I’ve added their common traits to the 15 habits system.

As of today, I’ve personally coached over 500 firms through these steps and taught many thousands more via live classes.


  • The 3 crucial stages in a big biller’s development (and why most recruiters don’t make it past stage 2… and how you can easily hit all 3 to maximize your earnings)
  • The #1 skill that allowed me to eliminate stressful "roller coaster revenue" cycles and create consistent production every single month
  • The 2 simple techniques that doubled my call output within 7 days
  • No more guessing: You’ll get specific activity targets and ratios that top producers strive for in terms of Interviews per month, New Searches, Calls per day etc. – this adds clarity and removes the guesswork from achieving your income goals
  • The 8:30-5:30, hour-by-hour template of a recruiter’s ideal day – a simple blueprint that keeps you laser-focused on your highest pay-off tasks
  • 3 specific things you can do to super-charge your self-confidence and manage your mood so you can get out of your own way and unleash your full potential
  • How to establish “Accountability Agreements” with your clients so you get timely feedback (and don’t waste your time with tire kickers)
  • How to failure-proof your own behavior and develop the resilient self-discipline you need to excel, day-in and day-out
  • How to dominate the batch of candidates your client interviews and selects from (improvements that ethically nudge others off the shortlist, so YOUR candidates gain a higher probability of getting hired)
  • 3 strategies for extinguishing sales call reluctance (and strengthening your phone charisma)
  • The 5 Free (or low cost) web tools that can super-boost your motivation and focus so you can return home each day satisfied with your achievements and results
  • “The 30-minute Rule” that maximizes your call output
  • How to get your client to accelerate the speed of the search process (from presentation to offer)
  • The 5 crucial planning techniques used by top producers to get 6 days of work done in a 5-day work week (no extra hours required)
  • When you need to be “ruthless” (not rude) with your clients and candidates so you align yourself with serious people and high probability job orders
  • The Litmus Test for the number of calls you need to make per hour – do this, and your income becomes much more predictable
  • How top producers plan and execute their calls and tasks with minimum effort and maximum results
  • The mentality, temperament and habits that top producers have in common and why you’re merely a handful of simple choices away from joining the upper 10% yourself
  • How to quickly change your client’s perception of you from an “expendable commodity” to an indispensable advisor
  • How to shift from impotent goals to a burning desire that propels you forward to greater income, freedom and satisfaction in your career


1. Instant Access to the 4-Part Online Video Trainings.

2. Lifetime Access to the complete audios (MP3’s) for all 4 trainings. This allows you to listen as often as you wish and while on the go.

3. A 25-page outline with notes on the class for fast, easy access to all the meaty take-aways.

4. A copy of this Special Report: “Big Biller Metrics- Activity Numbers and Ratios to Target” for when you’re ready to play and earn like the top 10%.

5. A copy of, “The Placement Calculator”– This is a fill-in-the blank form that reveals the exact number of interviews, job orders etc that you need to consistently hit your financial goals.

6. “The Search Process Checklist”-a form to use with every search so nothing slips through the cracks and you execute your searches proficiently every single time.

7. A 66 question Client Intake Form that allows you to connect with your clients far deeper than your competitors, so YOU are naturally seen as a top trusted advisor.

8. A copy of these checklists; “15 Critical Candidate Questions” so you can instantly scan resumes without forgetting anything and “17 Critical Client Questions” so you can prioritize and cherry pick the highest pay-off job orders.

9. A simple monthly Activity Tracking Form that makes it easy to track interviews, search assignments, and more so you can see, at a glance, exactly what’s needed to hit your goals—because measurement equals motivation.

10. A Quick-Start Guide for the 4 sessions ($79 value). You get action steps for all 15 habits in bite sized chunks so you can quickly and easily reap their monetary rewards.

11. A Free 30-Day Membership in "The Recruiter’s Roundtable" program (optional). You’ll gain instant access to Business Building Forms, Reports, and Audio Interviews w/ $500K+ Recruiters.


Still Not Sure? No Worries. Your Investment is Backed By A 100% Risk-Free 10-YEAR Guarantee

I am so confident you’re going to be thrilled with the content, tools and results you get from this training, I’m willing to shoulder 100% of the risk of your investment in this program for an outrageous 10 FULL YEARS…

Examine and use the tools I give you for up to 10 years.

If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, simply let me know at any point during the next decade (email me at info-at-therecruitinglab.com or call me at 408-846-6008) and I’ll happily refund your entire payment immediately.

No reason needed, no questions asked. Sign up today, and risk nothing.

That’s my promise to you.

The Investment: $597

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Each purchase can be used for up to 5 people in 1 office location. If you have multiple locations, or more than 5 users, you'll need to purchase multiple seats.

I'll see you inside the members area.

~ Gary Stauble

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