Private Consulting for Firm Owners

Learn to Eliminate Stressful Rollercoaster Revenue Cycles, Get Laser-Focused, and
Generate Predictable Cash-Flow

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I know it can be excruciatingly frustrating...

You enjoy a record month, yet have no idea where NEXT MONTH’s revenue will come from.

Or you spend weeks working on a search, then WHAM--they fill the position with another candidate. (And the “friendly” HR rep doesn’t even thank you for your hard work)

Or you had high hopes for your new recruiters but slowly realize they're slacking and you're not sure how to motivate them.

Yet despite these frustrations, you and I both know this industry can be extremely financially rewarding.

Luckily you don't have to figure this out on your own...

How I Can Help

My one-one-one coaching program will show you the exact strategies I personally used to create consistent and predictable revenue, generate a steady stream of clients, boost my confidence, and build a business I was proud of.

My advice has helped hundreds of owners become extremely successful, and enjoy their business. And I can do the same for you.

In this coaching program you will discover how to:

Eliminate brutal dry spells and “Roller coaster” revenue cycles by creating a slam-dunk repeatable placement process

Thrive as a Firm Owner with the Optimal Mix Rainmakers, Recruiters & Researchers

Create a “carrot and stick” management plan that motivates your staff to over-perform

How Scale Your Business without Getting Ahead of Your Skis'

Develop a 7-step marketing strategy that consistently attracts premium clients

Go from contingency to retained search for guaranteed payment on every search

Install a lead-generation system for finding new clients and candidates

Super-charge your self-confidence

Employ strategies to get out of a slump, eliminate burnout, and re-discover your passion for your business

Boost your per-hour productivity by working smarter, not harder

Hire & leverage researchers for a low cost, high return resource

“Failure-proof” your (and your staff’s) behavior so that you accomplish WAY more

"As a result of Gary's training, my revenue has improved by 57%, my business has expanded and I'm growing my team to meet the demand. I can't imagine my recruiting business without Gary's insights and training. I now clearly understand the strategies for producing great results year after year."

Donna Fedor

Recruiting FirmOwner

"My billings jumped to $550K in the last 12 months! I participated in your programs and they were all pertinent. Your systems approach to doing the business is unique from everything I have seen."

Robert Ambs

Recruiting FirmOwner

"Gary helped me help myself by working with me to identify the weakness in my system and giving me the tools to correct and maintain a more efficient office environment. Our billing has been higher than ever since Gary introduced his "system" methods to me."

Tom Cleary

Recruiting FirmOwner

"The resources Gary shares alone are almost worth the investment, especially for a small operator. Despite the sluggish economy, a severe personal injury, and the death of a parent, I still produced the highest revenue of my 18 year career through the training and encouragement of Gary's coachingp rogram."

Elizabeth Creger

Recruiting FirmOwner

"l found exactly what I was looking for when I started using Gary's services. During the past 3 years, since I started my business, I had often wished that I had someone with whom I could ask questions or test ideas; someone whose experience would speed up my learning curve. Gary has been just that, and more. Whether you are a seasoned veteran, or just starting out, you will take some kernel away from each conversation that will improve your business performance."

Alan Carty

Search Firm Owner

"It is extremely comforting knowing that I have someone as knowledgeable as you in my corner. Although I've put in a tremendous amount of work along the way, having you "on my team" enables me to not worry about the many issues that arise in this business."

Adam Slone

Recruiting Firm Owner

The Fast-track is one of my most popular programs for Owners and Solo Recruiters who want to boost revenue, get laser-focused, and eliminate stressful boom/ bust cycles.

Are you often inspired by what you learn from seminars, but too overworked and overwhelmed to actually implement the new ideas?

Yeah, me too. That’s why I’ve worked with business coaches and mastermind groups for the last 10 years. They hold my feet to the fire and ensure that I take action.

Here’s how Karl Pearson explained the power of collaboration:
“That which gets measured, improves. That which gets measured -and reported- improves exponentially”.

If you want to work smart, boost revenue, make a BIG impact, and feel excited about coming into the office everyday…this is the program for you.

Can you really benefit from a coach?

Most top CEO’s have a coach. Tom Brady always had a coach. Same goes for all Olympic Athletes.

Why? Because they need pressure-tested advice, accountability and support to achieve peak performance.

And they need an outsider who invested in their success, to challenge, inspire and motivate them.

This program may be your first step to creating a highly successful firm AND the lifestyle of your dreams.

The "Fast-Track" Program Includes:

A Monthly 60-minute 1:1 Private Coaching Session with Me ($600 value)

You’ll receive personalized coaching, accountability and support on your specific issues. You’ll leave every session with action steps for that month that we’ll develop together. The next time we talk, I’ll ask you how you did with those actions. Regular reporting = rapid growth.

Each session can be used by you OR any member of your staff (let me say the things you WANT to say to them).

Weekly Email Coaching Support ($400 value)

Maximize your progress with up to three emails per week. Whether you're tackling a tough challenge or need a motivational boost, send me your questions and I'll provide strategic insights to guide you forward.

Expect timely responses, typically within 48 hours, designed to keep you on track and moving towards your goals.

Weekly Reporting to Stay on Track with Your Goals

In order to build some accountability into your plan, and to stay connected with me, I recommend that you fill out a simple online report each Friday.

You’ll be sent a weekly reminder to keep you on track with reporting your accomplishments, roadblocks to overcome, and objectives for the coming week.

Full Membership in "Roundtable 2.0" ($147/ mo value)

You'll gain instant access to our private members area and training vault.

Each month you’ll receive new business-building webinars and big biller interviews designed to help you boost your per-hour output and super-charge you production.

You’ll also gain access to our private discussion forum where you can ask any question and get answers from your peers.

A LIVE "Ask Me Anything" Session Every Month

Twice a month I make myself available for group "office hours" to answer your questions. Topics include:

  • Eliminating boom/bust revenue cycles
  • Strategies for landing new clients
  • Productivity hacks for working smarter, not harder

You and your team may attend (up to 5 total).

LIVE "Marketing Mastermind" Session Every Month

Are any of these issues keeping you up at night?

  • "You have to talk to HR"
  • "No openings"
  • Clients ghosting you
  • Call reluctance
  • Can't land retainers
  • Overwhelmed with too many marketing methods
  • Niche confusion

You'll get specific coaching from me, as well as seasoned owners, on how to solve your toughest challenges during these live sessions.

Gary in Your Pocket

I'm excited to announce that the entire members area is now available on your phone. Watch videos, view Q&A's, listen to audio interviews etc. while waiting in line or riding your bike.

Additional Member-Only Benefits

  • FREE Admission to all LIVE Trainings (up to $300):
    Periodically I run live webinar trainings and you’ll receive free access to these up to $300, and 50% off those above $300. Additionally, you’ll receive word-for-word transcripts, and quick-start guides for each webinar (up to $150 value) to make it easy to take action on what you learn.
  • Forms & Scripts Library Access:
    You’ll have access to the forms, scripts, checklists, contracts, and documents that I use in my business.
  • Access to my Vendor Rolodex:
    I’ll provide valuable referrals for vendors such as contract researchers, virtual assistants, call tracking software, productivity tools etc.
  • Deep Discount on Additional Coaching:
    If you want to add more 1:1 coaching time for a particular month, you’ll receive a 50% discount off of my regular coaching rate (you pay $300/ hour rather than the non-member rate of $600/ hour). This could include an actual consult or having me review your business plans, website or annual goals. This makes the program flexible; only add hours if and when you need them.
  • Online Tools for Achieving Your Goals:
    You’ll use a simple, free online tool developed by a Yale economics professor that’s been proven to triple your chances of achieving any goal. I’ll be able to watch your progress via this tool throughout the month as well. And, I’ll share my list of additional tools for boosting productivity.

What Qualifies Me to Coach?

  • Over 25 years of experience as a top performing headhunter, manager, firm owner with staff, industry trainer and business strategist
  • Built and managed a high performing Retained Executive Search Firm specializing in leadership searches for national law firms.
  • Provided consulting services for 7 of the top 10 largest law firms in California.
  • Provided strategic business coaching for over 400 recruiting firms and trained thousands more via seminars and classes.
  • Publisher of “2-Minute Coaching” a bi-monthly newsletter with 25,000 subscribers.
  • Member of the National Honors Society in Psychology, Masters course work in Clinical Psychology, “Search Inside Yourself” Certified Instructor (Google’s Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Based Leadership Program), E-Myth Academy Training
  • Prior to entering the search industry: Worked for Consulting Psychologists Press, the main publisher of the MBTI & Strong Interest Inventory.

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Most clients stay for a year or more.  The Fast-track program has a minimum commitment of 90-days, so that you see actual progress.

After the 90-days you may cancel at any time.

Coaching sessions are scheduled during the first week of each month.

Let’s get to work…

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Gain Access to Everything Listed Above Including:

A Private Monthly Coaching Session

A LIVE Ask Me Anything Group Session Every Month

A LIVE Marketing Mastermind Group Session Every Month

Weekly Accountability Report

Weekly Email Coaching Support

Free Live Webinars

Full Roundtable 2.0 membership

A Big Biller Interview Every Month

"Gary in Your Pocket" Mobile App

Private Discussion Group

The Audio Vault

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90-day minimum commitment. After that, you may cancel at any time.
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Includes Everything in the Monthly Option PLUS...

You'll save nearly $1,600!

You have more flexibility for your 12 private sessions. Use them monthly, or more often. You decide.

Also, the entire members area will unlock on day 1 for you (rather than monthly).

Lastly, by signing up in advance, you're more likely to take the training and put it into ACTION.

Why? Because commitment creates a positive constraint. We all value and prioritize things we commit to in advance.
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I'll provide training, feedback, support, accountability, challenge and encouragement to assist you in accomplishing more.

I look forward to working with you 1:1.

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