Live Training with Gary Stauble: 

"Get Searches Now!"

7 Scripts & Strategies That Work 

These Live Webinars Happen June 27th & 28th

You’ll learn unique low pressure/ high impact email & phone strategies that enable you to turn strangers into friends, and friends into clients.

You’ll also learn how to motivate others to act as your sales force by bringing you high quality search leads.

"Gary, I took away 5 ideas from 'Get Searches Now!' that I never would have thought of and I know they will resonate with my clients. The scripts you revealed today are bang-on for today’s B2B client. I’ve been using a similar one for the last few years that I made up because I wasn’t comfortable with the canned approach so prevalent in our industry. As usual, your session was a breath of fresh air! "

- David Perry
Managing Partner, Perry-Martel International, and author of “Hiring Greatness” and “Executive Recruiting for Dummies”.


It's no secret that some recruiters have developed telephobia when it comes to new client acquisition.

While its prudent to develop leads via all sources, including email marketing and social media, it’s important not to confuse generating marketing leads with new client conversion.

At some point you’re going to need to pick up the phone and skillfully convert that lead into a check-writing client.

Having fresh, colorful word tracks to describe your service can bring your presentation alive and cause your prospect to sit up and take notice. 

This webinar will assist you with 3 things:

1. First you’ll receive copies of email marketing messages, including attention grabbing subject lines, that you can copy and use to reach out to prospects, and to schedule conversations.

2. Next you’ll learn unique, low pressure/ high impact word-tracks and persuasive selling sentences that have been pressure-tested and proven effective. 

3. Lastly, you’ll learn several strategies for motivating others to act as your sales force by bringing you high quality search leads, and new client referrals.

  • You’ll receive "copy and paste" email marketing messages, with attention grabbing subject lines, that get results
  • The Permission Marketing Script: A zero pressure/ high impact approach for opening a dialogue that requires zero prep, and makes it easy for your prospect to say “yes”.
  • How to set up strategic alliances that feed new clients to you (without cold calling)
  • The 9 types of people who can feed you search leads and how to incentivize them to do it
  • The 3 benefits you can offer to entice people to refer new clients to you
  • A script for, “We have no openings” that encourages your client to open up about their pain points.
  • A script for diffusing the, “You must go through HR” objection that buys you more time with the hiring authority
  • 5 steps for diffusing the pressure of a sales call within the first 60 seconds of the conversation
  • A script for handling, “Call me next week” that will test the client’s interest immediately (so that you don’t waste your time)
  • A script for handling, “You’re not on our vendor list” that can allow you to circumvent their red tape and work with them anyway
  • A script for handling, “We’re happy with the recruiting firms we currently use”
  • Hate cold calling? Use this low-key script to approach hiring authorities and get them talking
  • How much you should pay for client referrals
  • The 7-steps for getting your current clients to refer you to their peers
  • 2 “thank you gifts” you can offer your current clients if they refer business to you

The Webinars happen Thursday, June 27th at 1 PM Eastern (New York Time) and Friday, June 28th at 12 PM Eastern.

No worries; you'll get instant access to the complete Webinar Replays and Audio Downloads. You'll also get the Quick-Start Guide, Handouts + Course Outline.

"Hello Gary, I wanted to provide you with some feedback regarding a tip you had given during “Get Searches Now!”. It was a tremendous success for me. 
As a result, we made a placement in literally 2 weeks from the date of our lunch appointment. I earned $19K (fee is at 25%). We obtained 2 more job orders and have candidates in finals with the company.
 I want to personally thank you for the idea. Your program is a tremendous resource for recruiting business owners. I'm proud to be a member of Recruiting Lab and am indebted to you!"

Sandy Jacob,
President, Top Talent Inc.

"I loved all of it, but the Strategic Alliance section was mind blowing! How many years of opportunity have been lost by my not doing this. I can't think of any improvements.
Getting the study guide in advance, the audio afterward, plus the filled in guide and then the transcript...gee, the only thing missing is the bubble bath, champagne, and peeled grapes!
Honestly, Gary's seminars are sooo user friendly for the present moment and to study and refer to afterward. I can't think of anything to improve. This is over and above what anyone else is doing."
- Robbie Sewell, President, Saddlebrook Associates

“Your depth of knowledge was refreshing. Even though I have nearly 18 years of recruiting industry experience, I felt that this was VERY informative. I liked that it was VERY specific to the recruiting industry. You left me wanting more information. Many of the seminars we go to address sales and marketing in generalities. Yours was SO informative, down to a complete script of what-to-say-and-when-to-say-it!”
- Cindy Biter, Managing Partner, Southwest Professional Recruiting

“Excellent content presented in a very clear, organized fashion. Using these strategies will greatly aid me in my pursuit of gaining new clients. I wouldn't change a thing with this seminar!”
- Brenda Evers, President, JES Search

“Gary’s seminars just continue to get better. The information is always helpful and you will see improvements at the desk level; which is where it all starts!”
- Will Hayes, Branch Manager, Internal Data Resources

“As a veteran of the recruiting business for 20+ years, which includes training recruiters for a National franchisor, I have always looked for ways to gain a competitive advantage.
I will certainly work these ideas and methods into my marketing program. Many training sessions are variations of “Recruiting 101” or sometimes 201. This was “Recruiting 401” or 501. Gary, thank you and please keep offering advanced training sessions.”
- Alan Eras, Principal, AJE Search Associates LLC

“Thank you for an outstanding presentation (“Get Searches Now!”). I have been in the search business for 25 years and really like your inspiring ideas. My son Toby has joined me and we will be incorporating these excellent ideas.”
- Dick Williams, President, DWA Search


1. Access to the 2 Live Webinars. You can listen on your phone or via your computer.

2. The ability to get your questions answered during live Q&A.

3. Access to the complete webinar and audio replays (MP3) after the session. This allows you to listen to the session as often as you wish.

4. A written outline with notes on the class, including detailed word-for-word scripts that have been tested and proven to work.

5. A Quick-Start Guide for the session ($40 value). This makes the material easy to implement by outlining the action steps in bite sized chunks.

6. Bonus Report #1:
Pressure-tested “copy and paste” email marketing messages that you can use to engage prospects, and schedule conversations. This report includes examples of attention grabbing subject lines as well.

7. Bonus Report #2:
A polished, effective and ready-to-send marketing letter. Includes examples of differentiators for setting you apart and a call to action that enables you to schedule meaningful conversations with new prospects.

8. Bonus Report #3
9 Strategies for Overcoming Sales Call reluctance
Like it or not, there's a strong correlation between call output and high production. In this report I outline the 3 causes, the 9 types of call reluctance. I also provide you with 9 specific strategies for overcoming it and getting into action. 

9. Bonus #4:
30 Days of Private Email Access to Me. 
This is your "succeed no matter what" insurance policy. Although this training is clear and actionable, you still get one on one email access to me (for any questions regarding the course material) for 30 days after the initial webinars. Private access to me has never been so affordable.

9. Bonus #5:
A Free 30-Day Membership in The Recruiter’s Roundtable program. You’ll gain instant access to Business Building Forms, Reports, the Video Vault and Dozens of Audio Interviews w/ $500K+ Recruiters.


Still Not Sure? No Worries. Your Investment is Backed By A 100% Risk-Free
10-YEAR Guarantee

I am so confident you’re going to be thrilled with the content, tools and results you get from this training, I’m willing to shoulder 100% of the risk of your investment in this webinar for an outrageous 10 FULL YEARS…

Reserve your spot in the webinar. Attend the live training, listen to the replay (or both). Examine and use the tools I give you for up to 10 years.

If you’re not completely satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, simply let me know at any point during the next decade (email me at or call me at 408-849-4756) and I’ll happily refund your entire payment immediately.

No reason needed, no questions asked. Sign up today, and risk nothing.

That’s my promise to you.

June 27th at 1pm Eastern & June 28th at 12pm Eastern (lifetime access to the full webinar replays are included)


$    1 Person: $247

$    2-4 People: $197 each

$    5+ People: $157 each

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