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I've Helped Thousands of Owners Take Control of Their Firms, Get a Steady Stream of Clients, and Bring in Consistent Revenue 

Imagine Installing a Predictable Placement Process that Allows You to Generate the Income You Deserve, With Less Time and Effort than You Ever Thought Possible

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"7 Inbound Marketing Strategies"

In this 3-part audio series, I'll cover 7 different pressure-tested strategies for getting prospective clients to pick up the phone and call you.

I also cover several strategies for motivating others to act as your sales force- bringing you warm leads that convert to new clients. 

  • Coming March 1st: "Inbound Marketing, Part II"
  • Coming April 1st: “Adding Profit Centers: How to Determine the Best Options for You”

There are 2 Ways to Become a Top Performer

Dear Friend

There are essentially 2 ways to learn, grow and become a top producing owner or recruiter:

  1. Work in a private echo chamber, make every mistake yourself, do things the way you’ve always done them, start drinking your own bathwater, cross your fingers, grit your teeth and hope to slowly, painfully learn your lessons. Or…
  2. Skip the costly mistakes and simply copy and swipe the best pressure-tested methods from  those who’ve already figured it out.
    Implement their tactics and strategies immediately, focus only on tried and true principles that get results, and accelerate your progress exponentially.

What if you were able to “download” that coveted knowledge- the strategies that really work today in 2020- in manageable, actionable doses each and every month?

If that knowledge assisted you in closing just 3 extra deals each year, what would that be worth to you?

This program was designed to give you the "Cliff's Notes" on how to excel.

Read on, and you’ll discover how you can easily implement the habits of peak performance that top owners are using right now…

Gary Stauble
Gilroy, California, USA

"As a result of Gary’s training, my revenue has improved by 57%, my business has expanded and I’m growing my team to meet the demand. I can’t imagine my recruiting business without Gary’s insights and training. I now clearly understand the strategies for producing great results year after year. Thank you for everything Gary."

Donna Fedor
Recruiting Firm Owner

"The resources Gary shares alone are almost worth the investment, especially for a small operator. Despite the sluggish economy, a severe personal injury, and the death of a parent, I still produced the highest revenue of my 18 year career through the training and encouragement of Gary’s coaching program."

Elizabeth Creger
Recruiting Business Owner

"I found exactly what I was looking for when I started using Gary’s services... I had often wished that I had someone with whom I could ask questions or test ideas... Gary has been just that. Seasoned veteran, or just starting out, you will take some kernel away from each conversation that will improve your business performance."

Alan Carty
Search Firm Owner

What's Included with Membership

NEW: 2 LIVE "Ask Me Anything" Sessions/ Month

Twice a month I make myself available for group "office hours" to answer your questions. Each session starts with a training on topics such as: 

  • Eliminating boom/bust revenue cycles
  • Strategies for landing new clients 
  • Productivity hacks for working smarter, not harder

NEW: Gary in Your Pocket

I'm excited to announce that the entire members area is now available on your phone. Watch videos, view Q&A's, listen to audio interviews etc. while waiting in line or riding your bike. 

Monthly Business Building Audios

Every month, I’ll share ready-to-use, powerful strategies that you can implement right now. 

We’ll look at real-life success stories of owners and recruiters like you, who have built highly profitable firms… their way.

We’ll deconstruct their marketing secrets, productivity hacks, org chart, success habits, websites etc.

A Quick-Start Guide for Each Audio 

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want the “Cliff’s notes” on a subject.

I provide you with a Quick-Start Guide for each audio training. 

So even if you don’t have time to listen to the full training at the moment, you’ll always have the most important strategies at your fingertips.

A Word-For-Word Transcript of Each Audio

I also have each call TRANSCRIBED so you can either listen to the audio, or simply read the transcript by itself.

You see, I want you to have no excuse not to get your hands on the valuable information we’re sharing.

These transcripts will be a great asset to add to your training library, which you can refer to again and again.

Peer Coaching Via Private Forum

Stop working in a vacuum- get answers to your burning questions from seasoned owners and recruiters.

Unlike a search engine that will just pop back a general answer, the answers you’ll get here are specific to you.

And unlike many forums that feel like a ghost town, ours is popcorning with fresh, relevant discussions every day. 

Private Members Area Training Vault 

=> The Audio Vault:
A huge selection of audio seminars and transcripts to help you improve your skills and inspire you toward top level production.

=> The Video Vault:
57 business building videos to help you improve your skills and inspire you toward top level production.

=> How-to Articles & Reports:
Business building how-to Articles and Reports will be available at your fingertips.

Discounts on Private Coaching & LIVE Trainings

=> Private Coaching:
You'll have access to hourly 1:1 coaching at a 20% Discount.
You'll be able to access my online calendar 24 hours a day through the member's area and schedule appointments whenever you need them. 

=> LIVE Webinars:
After you’ve been a member for 30 days, you’ll receive a 50% discount on all live webinars up to $200, and 25% above that. 

Train Your Entire Team (Optional)

Each recruiter in your office can be added to your membership at a substantial discount.

Note: About 80% of the group calls applies to both Owners & Recruiters. Only around 20% is Owner-only.

What Qualifies Me to Coach?

  • Over 25 years of experience as a top performing headhunter, manager, firm owner with staff, industry trainer and business strategist
  • Built and managed a high performing Retained Executive Search Firm specializing in leadership searches for national law firms.
  • Provided consulting services for 7 of the top 10 largest law firms in California.
  • Provided strategic business coaching for over 400 recruiting firms and trained thousands more via seminars and classes.
  • Publisher of “2-Minute Coaching” a bi-monthly newsletter with 25,000 subscribers.
  • Member of the National Honors Society in Psychology, Masters course work in Clinical Psychology, “Search Inside Yourself” Certified Instructor (Google’s Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Based Leadership Program), E-Myth Academy Training
  • Prior to entering the search industry: Worked for Consulting Psychologists Press, the main publisher of the MBTI & Strong Interest Inventory.

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