The December Audio: 
"From $900K to a Slump & Back!" 

David Sterenfeld is a long-time Pinnacle Society member having billed over $900K three times in his career.  

He's done this while working completely solo (very rare) and with an extremely high profit margin. 

But at the time of our recording he found himself in a slump.  

And then In the 2 month's following our interview, he billed nearly $200K- a dramatic turnaround.  

In this candid interview David shares his secrets for busting out of a slump, and staying laser focused on his goal of a $6 Million net worth. 

The January Audio: 
"How to Build a 7-Figure Marketing Machine, with Michael Pietrack"

Michael Pietrack was #1 Solo Recruiter in the MRI network in 2013 with a desk performing $1.6 Million annually. Since then he’s taken his single desk to a$3.5 Million two desk company.  In this interview we zero in exclusively on his unique and comprehensive marketing strategy. We discuss:

  • Cold calls vs. email marketing; which approach he uses and when.  
  • The breakthrough strategy he employs on LinkedIn to dominate his market
  • Marketing candidates; How and when to use this approach.
  • Social media marketing secrets that position you as a true expert
  • The marketing company he’s outsourced some of his social media to and how they help him build his brand
  • How to use video blogs to position yourself as an expert
  • How he uses his website and even specific domains to gain new business
  • The specific 4-part voicemail he uses for marketing pitches

The February Audio: 
"How to Build a 7-Figure Marketing Machine, with Michael Pietrack (Part II)"

The March Audio:  
"Big Biller Interview with Carolyn Betts"

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