The October Audio: "How to Bill 7 Figures While Living in an RV" 

Jordan Rayboy has billed over $1.2 Million/ year while living full time with his wife and 3 dogs in their 40 foot RV.

He’s also built a thriving virtual team to support his production. This is the 3rd time I’ve interviewed him and this time we cover:

  • How he went from $300K+ to $900K+ in 1 year
  • How his researchers uncover search assignment leads for him
  • The optimal amount of daily phone time to aim for
  • The tech tool that allows him to nearly double the amount of calls he makes and with far less effort 
  • The mindset of a top performer
  • 2 software tools he uses to get cell phones and emails of prospects
  • Why he recently joined a franchise after years of success as a 7 figure firm owner
  • His thoughts on having family members as employees
  • How to bust through a production plateau

The November Audio: 
"Keeping Your Edge, with David Sterenfeld  (Part I)" 

David is a long-time Pinnacle Society member having billed over $900K three times in his career. He's done this while working solo and with an extremely high profit margin. But at the time of our recording he found himself in a slump. David shares his secrets for getting out of a slump, and staying laser focused on his goal of a $6 Million net worth.  

The December Audio: 
"Keeping Your Edge, with David Sterenfeld (Part II)" 

The January Audio: 
"How to Build a 7-Figure Marketing Machine, with Michael Pietrack"

Michael Pietrack was #1 Solo Recruiter in the MRI network in 2013 with a desk performing $1.6 Million annually. Since then he’s taken his single desk to a$3.5 Million two desk company.  In this interview we zero in exclusively on his unique and comprehensive marketing strategy. We discuss:

  • Cold calls vs. email marketing; which approach he uses and when.  
  • The breakthrough strategy he employs on LinkedIn to dominate his market
  • Marketing candidates; How and when to use this approach.
  • Social media marketing secrets that position you as a true expert
  • The marketing company he’s outsourced some of his social media to and how they help him build his brand
  • How to use video blogs to position yourself as an expert
  • How he uses his website and even specific domains to gain new business
  • The specific 4-part voicemail he uses for marketing pitches

The February Audio: 
"How to Build a 7-Figure Marketing Machine, with Michael Pietrack (Part II)"

The March Audio:  
"Big Biller Interview with Carolyn Betts"

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