The September Audio:
"Productivity Strategies of a $1 Million Producer"
with Yosef Colish

Yosef is the managing director of Leah Yosef and has used a unique hybrid retainer model with stunning success. This is the second time he’s been a guest because he has a ton of great strategies to share.

In this interview we discuss:

  • Why he only tracks 1 metric
  • Why and how he doesn’t work past 5:30 pm or weekends
  • The single strategy that moved him from a reactive to proactive desk
  • The 2 types of researchers the uses to keep him focused on highly leveraged tasks
  • The 2 research companies he uses to source candidates and make calls for him
  • How much he pays researchers and how he finds ones with perfect English
  • The email message he uses to get prospects to book appointments w/ him
  • The simple script his researcher uses to make calls for him
  • The secret to being able to “set it and forget it” with a researcher
  • How he gets more done in 40 hours than most do in 60
  • The life hack he discovered for getting up at 5 am consistently
  • And much more

The October Audio:
"How to Sell a Retainer in a Volatile Market"

If you’re tired of chasing dead-end contingency searches and dealing with flaky clients, this class is for you.

You’ll learn:

  • Specific language for addressing the clients fear of commitment during the crisis
  • Specific COVID pricing and terms that makes a retainer attractive to clients
  • The 5 benefits of retained that you MUST be able to articulate to the client
  • The top 4 things that clients want from a retained firm
  • How your marketing tactics must change in order to land retainers
  • Whether or not you should “fall back” to contingency if the client rejects the retained option
  • How to get over your own fear about asking for money up front 

The November Audio:
"How to Survive and Thrive in 2020"
with Sean Rigsby

The December Audio:
"Marketing Methods & Messaging for the New Economy"
with Sean Rigsby

The January Audio:

"Time Management for Peak Performance"  (Part I)

You'll Learn:

  • An hour by hour schedule template for a recruiters ideal day
  • How to avoid the big mistake that 80% of recruiters make
  • The 3 elements that your planning system must include
  • How to handle incoming calls during an outgoing calling batch
  • How to deal with urgent interruptions and client demands
  • A single strategy that can reduce peaks & valleys in production
  • 5 specific strategies for filling more searches
  • Why focusing on efficiency can be a mistake

The February Audio:

"Time Management for Peak Performance"  (Part II)

 See the description from Part I above. 


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