The December Audio:
"Niche-craft: How to Refine or Change Your Niche" 

Often times when you hear of a recruiter who’s billing $500K+ one of the biggest reasons for their success has to do with their ability to "own" a particularly lucrative niche.

Strategically selecting and dominating your niche is a jugular marketing issue for any search firm. This one decision can make the difference between average, and exceptional production.

 In this special training I cover:

  • The 4 separate components that make up a niche
  • The number of companies and contacts you need to make a viable niche
  • How to conduct research to determine if you’re choosing the correct niche
  • The fastest way to break into a new market and land new clients
  • The “force multiplier” niche strategy for making more placements with less work
  • How to outsource parts of your search process to enable you to dominate your niche
  • And much more

The January Audio:
“Adding Profit Centers: How to Determine the Best Options for You”

Diversification is important when it comes to investing but how does concept this apply to your recruitment business?

Should you add profit centers such as contract business, hourly research, assessments, retained, career coaching etc? How can you make the right decisions for your particular business?

In this audio you’ll learn:
  • Why “do the closest thing to money first” isn’t always the best advice
  • The difference between systems goals and revenue goals
  • Why growth isn’t always good 
  • How to leverage the Pareto Principle
  • A key skill you’ll need to use to move from “Good” to “Great” 
  • How understanding flow theory can help you make better decisions 
  • The #1 thing to consider when considering adding a profit center
  • A decision making assessment you can use for deciding on projects 
  • An assessment for determining your top 4 values and use these for decision making 
  • My strategies for making the right decisions for your business

The February Audio:
“7 Inbound Marketing Strategies"

In this session I cover 7 different strategies for getting clients to pick up the phone and call YOU. 

The March Audio:
“What I Wish I Had Known Before I Opened My Firm"

In this session I cover the big mistakes and hard won lessons of my first few years in business. And I lay out a road map for a thriving firm. 


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