The September Audio:
"Productivity Secrets of a Top Performing Owner", with Bob Eskridge

Bob Eskridge is a top producing owner of two search firms and the author of an upcoming book called, “The ABC’s Black Belt Recruiting“. He has personally grossed over $1 Million in gross revenues in a single year, has 5 industry certifications, and is a serial entrepreneur.

In this interview we discuss:

  • The productivity-boosting action he performs every morning before he sits at his desk
  • The VOIP system he uses to track his staff’s phone metrics
  • The productivity software he uses to stay organized
  • His surprising secret for staying laser-focused whether in a home or outside office 
  • How he deals with setbacks and employee problems
  • The secret to staying excited and engaged in the business over time
  • The creative methods he uses to create client loyalty and connection
  • The missing ingredient in most firms that hold them back from success

The October Audio:
"Win the Morning, Win the Day" (Part I)

How you spend your time is how you spend your life. Top performers make a daily habit out of the things that average recruiters do every so often.

In the same way that your computer uses a boot up sequence, you too need an executable template for a super-productive morning. Proactively leveraging your “golden hours” (from waking to lunch) will give you a massive advantage over your more reactive competitors.

In this 2-part audio series you’ll learn:

  • An hour-by-hour, 5 am-5 pm, daily schedule for maximizing your productivity
  • How to use the 5-second rule to eliminate procrastination
  • My 5 am ritual for getting off to a strong start
  • How to avoid decision fatigue and get more done before 8am than most think possible
  • The surprising strategy I use to boost resilience and mental toughness
  • The 5-minute per day planning technique that has greatly boosted my (and my client’s) performance
  • How to use positive constraints and accountability agreements to get leverage on your (and your staff’s) behavior
  • How to use “If/then” planning to increase your productivity
  • The #1 productivity mistake recruiters make first thing in the morning (and what to do instead)

The November Audio:
"Win the Morning, Win the Day" (Part II)

See description above. 

The December Audio:
"Niche-craft: How to Refine or Change Your Niche" 

Often times when you hear of a recruiter who’s billing $500K+ one of the biggest reasons for their success has to do with their ability to "own" a particularly lucrative niche.

Strategically selecting and dominating your niche is a jugular marketing issue for any search firm. This one decision can make the difference between average, and exceptional production.

 In this special training I cover:

  • The 4 separate components that make up a niche
  • The number of companies and contacts you need to make a viable niche
  • How to conduct research to determine if you’re choosing the correct niche
  • The fastest way to break into a new market and land new clients
  • The “force multiplier” niche strategy for making more placements with less work
  • How to outsource parts of your search process to enable you to dominate your niche
  • And much more

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